This article argues both for and against as to whether or not the US is stronger ten years after 9/11. Read the article and then blog your opinion. Is the US stronger now than it was ten years ago?

9/14/2011 05:25:03 am

In my opinion, the United States has been more scared of attacks happening again than stronger or weaker. For the past ten years, we have been scared that at any moment,terrorists will come attack again. Seeing though out the years how America has gand more cautious about flying or to travel making it more of a challenge to go to each destination. Not stronger of weaker, just more cautious.

9/14/2011 11:11:06 am

9/11 made us stronger and weaker in different parts. We are stronger in the army and the navy. Also we have been Iraq and Afghanistan for a long time and I think after all this time we have better knowledge of what it really going on and how to protect ourselves from another attack. However on the other hand, we are weaker in a sense that they have ruined our way of travel. I am terrified of airplanes because of what happened on 9/11. It has ruined our sense of safety with air travel. Also, when the President’s airplane was flying low in New York City everyone left the buildings in fear that it was another attack. Where as before 9/11 if this happened I don’t think anyone would have cared. I believe the terrorists have won in a sense that we are always cautious now.

9/15/2011 05:32:46 am

I feel like over the last 10 years our nation has become stronger since 9/11 hit. We are stronger in many ways that also has put a negative spin on our nation. Our defense is a lot biggger now since we know that at any moment something big could happen. However, with having a huge defense system in place we have put are nation farther into debt. Although some people think that airport security is a hassle it most definetly helps us. I dont know if people in New York city feel safer though. If they dont then we will need to step up our security. I also feel as though our nation could use more security because you can never be to careful

9/15/2011 10:29:25 am

I think that we have gotten a lot better with threats in the ten years since 9/11. Security has been stepped up to a new level. Security people has done a great job at dealing with threats and issues but they can't know and how deal with attacks before they happen. There might be another attack or threat that might happen in the future but no one will know how big it will be. We can have steps in case something happens but some group might find a way to make one.

9/15/2011 10:52:41 am

i think that the terrorist wanted to scare us and thats exactly what they did. because of what happend we are frighted of what they did and what they can do. and we should be. i dont think that 9/11 made us stronger or weeker i just think that it made us aware and ready for anything that might happen again.

9/15/2011 10:54:52 am

I think that we are stronger in a sense because we are ready and have changed are ways of things so we can protect our selves if something threading happens towards u we know what to do. That is why I think we have become stronger.

9/15/2011 09:18:55 pm

Over these past ten years, a very important question has been asked. That question is if we (the united states) have become stronger or weaker over time. This to me is a very tough question to answer. I think that people have mix reviews on this. But I have a neutural beleife. I think that over these 10 years after 9/11, that the united states have become stronger and weaker. I think that we have become more weaker cause we lost a lot of good men and women that day it happened.These lives will never be able to be replaced. Also after the attacks we went to war and we have been in that since 2001. But then we have become stronger in a way. We have over come these obsticals and have learned from these attacks. For one we have stepped up our goverment security and we brought the fight to them on there own land. So in a way we are weaker ans stronger


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