Go to this link and read the article. Fill out a summary sheet and then blog your view as to whether or not the critics are correct in saying that this coloring book is offensive. 

9/7/2011 10:40:04 pm

Summary of article in case you forgot!

A Missouri based publisher, Really Big Coloring books, published a coloring book called We Shall Never Forget 9/11 – The Kids Book of Freedom within the last few months. They wanted to educate kids about what happened. The article discussed the controversy of the picture of Osama bin Laden being shot by a US SEAL and as to whether or not it is appropriate for kids to see.

9/8/2011 06:02:14 am

I cant comprehend why "Really Big Coloring Books" would think this would be appropriate for young children. i dont understand why would child care about coloring in a solider shooting at Osama Bin Laden hiding behind a women. children care about coloring in firetrucks, rainbows, ponies, not Shooting at people. children are too young to fully understand what happened on 9/11 and should discuss this moment in history in school not by coloring a book. I'm appalled.

9/8/2011 07:48:33 am

I think that they should not have a coloring book like that because there are better ways to learn about it. Plus kids might not understand it when they were younger anyway. Also why ruin coloring books just so you can get your point across. All I am saying there are better ways to get your point across.

9/8/2011 08:13:09 am

I think that "Really Big Coloring Books" had a good idea with the book. Kids should know about 9/11 and what happened on that day. However agreeing with Jen kids should learn it while they are in school. the book might be good for kids who are a bit older. However, the disturbing picture that has caused so much controversey should not be in the coloring book. I think that they should remove the one picture that has causes problems and then everything should be better. I'm surprised that this was published.

9/8/2011 09:28:29 am

I think that the coloring book company had the right idea and wanted to inform kids about what happen. 911 isn't in history books yet and is a good thing to learn about. I think that the coloring book company had a lot of nerves to publish the drawing in situation thats is happening in the world. I think they should have done something about the invasion. But they should have done it in a different way.

9/8/2011 10:56:11 am

i think that children should know about what happend on 9/11 but i do not think that this is the way to do it. The coloring book would be good or adults, like as a joke. having little kids coloring pictures of this is a bit much. i think that the person who wrought this and alouded it to be published have alot of balls, and wanted to cause a debate.

9/8/2011 11:43:31 am

This coloring book is not meant for kids at all! The publisher from Missouri should NOT have thought of the idea of having kids color images that are that graphic. Muslims are very offended that the book was making them sound like bad people. Children at the right time should know about 9/11 but not at the age when you are still coloring the pages of a coloring book.

9/8/2011 11:53:47 am

I think that this "coloring book" is mostly made for adults not mostly for children. This would be a fine book for children to have if this one picture was not in it to promote violence. However this picture in a children's coloring book is a little violent and unnecessary i suppose. Since i am going into the marines i really don't care truly. Not saying that violence is the answer to everything or anything. Why cant we have a book with a picture in it like this but we can have a coloring book with super heroes beat up villains, cause to some those are the their true heroes but mine are the men and women who give there lives to our country and to those who don't come back.


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