In Saudi Arabia, women finally have the right to vote. But has this "liberation" gone far enough?
9/25/2011 10:56:18 pm

It's about time that women now have the right to vote in Saudi Arabia. More countries are becoming more liberal and ready for change. This is a huge step from being conservative, not allowing women to do anything, to become more liberal. This is giant leap for women to gain more respect and option in Saudi Arabia. The next thing you now, women there will have more say in there option.

9/26/2011 07:57:53 am

I think that this is good that women can finally vote in Saudi-Arabia. Women in America slowly earned there right to vote and to go to work so why cant other countries too. I think that this i a huge step that will later turn into women getting more rights. Women work just as hard as men if not more so why do we treat them like they do nothing at all? Well because thats been tradition that women stay home and cook and clean. But men get jobs and get paid. Sooner or later women all over the world will be equal. Because all people were created equal on this earth.

9/26/2011 10:23:54 am

I think that it is good that women can finally vote. Women have the right to vote for thier government and the politics that are around them. But I can see why people and the men in that society would not like that kind of change. It goes against thier tranistion and beliefs. But I am happy that women get to do something in thier communities.

9/26/2011 10:49:56 am

I think it’s a very good idea for woman to vote. The woman in Saudi Arabia must be very happy. They now have a voice and the votes now count. I wonder how the men feel now that the have more rights. I’m happy that the government changed their rules. I don’t really now what else to say because I cant relate but I am happy for the woman. I hope they take this opportunity and tell their voices be heard.

9/26/2011 09:24:32 pm

I think it is very good to let woman to vote because we have change this world so much from when we first started. Woman should have some say in it. They might be rushing into it as a new big idea. Thats why I think its good for woman to vote

Greg *BAWSE*
9/26/2011 09:51:25 pm

My opoin on this sunject is that I think its alright. Let me put it this way I REALLY DON'T CARE! Its not in my country so its not my problem. They really arnt that far from us, we gave women rights almost a 100 years ago. But I don't think that Saudi is gonna let them have anymore rights than they already have now. They will not change end of storey.

9/26/2011 10:01:20 pm

I think that woman should be aloud to vote. It's about time that they changed some of there laws. Its good to let the woman have some rights so they don't rebel. I agree with Greg... It's not my country so they can change the law as much as they want.


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