1. Read the article
2. Provide a summary
3. Write 8-12 sentences clearly stating your view on the debate

9/9/2012 12:42:59 pm

my thought on this subject it that i feel like that we have no say in what a persons sexual preference is. that is because they are living there lifes the way they want to. why does society have a say in how a person should feel or act like and who gives them the right to judge them? another thing is, is that this should not dwindle his record sale just over the fact that he like men rather then women. if that would be your reasoning for not making this talented singer/ song writer a success then shame on you.

I say that the news papers drop and leave the subject. I say this because there really isn't a reason for them to even bring this topic up. there are many homosexual/ gay artists out there that clearly talk openly in there music how they are as well. i think that this is such a "big deal" because he is new to the famous life style and that the news papers feel like putting someone down instead of covering an actual story because it won't attract attention to there company

thank you for your time, Connor


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